Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, our customers rely on North Coast Container to provide them with guidance and industry insight to ensure regulatory compliance, on-time shipping and fair pricing. We understand your business, and our dedicated team of industry experts is ready to serve you. If you have a question that is not answered below, call us and we’ll help find a custom solution to meet your needs: (216)-206-2012.

Every container we manufacture is custom-designed to meet our customers’ needs. Due to this customization, pricing will fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including the style of drum, thickness of steel, fittings, interior linings, exterior paint and markings, and order size.
Our 55-gallon steel drums are American-made and designed in accordance with our industry-leading specification process. Depending on your packaging needs, drums may be designed with the following specifications for regulated or non-regulated materials:

  • Tight Head (non-removable cover, 1A1 designation)
  • Open Head (removable head, 1A2 designation)
  • Interior Lined (including epoxy/phenolic, epoxy modified phenolic, 100% phenolic and rust inhibitors), HDPE or LDPE plastic liners, or unlined
  • Possible configurations include UN-rated ISO, straight-sided, 2 or 3 conventional rolling hoops, “W” style rolling hoops, and Rule40 non-regulated
  • Fittings include T-style, Visegrip and VGII (steel and nylon versions available, with different venting options)
  • Internal agitators for product mixing
We primarily serve customers throughout the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard areas of the U.S. and Canada; however, if you’re outside this area, we are willing to work with you to find a solution for your packaging needs.
Yes. We can provide door-to-door freight services, including assisting and advising on safe and effective unloading techniques for our drums. We will work with you to identify a suitable outside carrier.
Typically, an order can take anywhere from five to seven working days to complete, however, we always work diligently with our customers to meet their deadlines – whatever they may be. Pricing may vary, depending on the amount of lead time you are able to provide us.
We typically manufacture drums in lots of 50 or more, but are willing to discuss smaller lots, based on your specific needs.
Given the customized nature of our containers, samples can be made, but only after specifications have been developed in close consultation with our experts. Each and every one of our containers is an engineered product, specifically tailored to meet the needs of any particular customer.
We have a wide range of colors from which you can choose. We also provide custom coloring options, including striping.
Yes. We offer silkscreening, with one color per drum panel. Additional set-up costs may apply.
Yes. We can affix labels to the head and any location on the side of the drum. Additional set-up costs may apply.
We are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
North Coast Container has been meeting its customers’ needs for more than 30 years.
UN ratings are used to group containers by class and performance and ensure hazardous materials are packed and shipped in suitable containers. To decode the UN label found on your steel drum, use this rubric.