The NCC Team

Rob Bishop

Vice President, Sales

As Vice President Sales, Rob works with each customer to meet and exceed their expectations. He brings to the North Coast Container family nearly 30 years of industry experience and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a concentration in marketing and management, from the University of Mount Union. Before taking his leadership role in sales, Rob served as the Director of Supply chain. He also has service as part of our Quality Control team and a sales representative.

Ken Konczos

General Manager Of Manufacturing

As General Manager of Manufacturing, Ken oversees our day-to-day plant operations, including the management of nearly 80 employees. Ken has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and has been with North Coast Container since 1984. One of Ken’s top priorities is to improve efficiency so that we can pass cost savings on to our customers, and he achieves this through a keen focus on continuous improvement. Ken is responsible for improving and updating operations through strategic investments, periodic updates to our equipment and regular refining of our manufacturing processes. Ken also oversees our rigorous employee training programs, including safety, quality, chemical awareness and general machine operations. Outside our plant, Ken is a frequent visitor to our customers and suppliers, which helps to ensure that we have the right solution for all of our customers’ packaging needs.

Kevin Outrich

Plant Manager

Kevin got his start on our plant floor in 1985. After holding a number of positions throughout our operations, including Plant Superintendent, he was promoted to oversee nearly 80 employees as Plant Manager. In this role, Kevin is responsible for overseeing production, maintenance and general employee communications. He previously was Vice President of United Steelworkers Local Union #735, and currently serves as the primary management representative with Local #735. Kevin also leads our rigorous employee training programs, including safety, quality, chemical awareness and general machine operations. Outside the plant, Kevin visits customers at their locations to better understand their business demands so we can tailor our production process to provide unique, custom-tailored packaging solutions.

Vicki Quesenberry

Manager, Client Service

With 25 years of industry experience in quality and sales and almost 20 years as part of the North Coast team, Vicki has become a familiar go-to resource for our customers. Vicki helps customers fulfill orders and understand stringent ISO requirements. Vicki is ISO-certified and previously held the position of Environmental Quality Control Coordinator at Phillips Metals and worked closely with the Ford Motor Company and its Q1 program. Her deep experience in quality, safety and sales makes her an ideal partner for our customers, who rely on her wide-ranging expertise to custom-tailor a solution to their packaging needs, as well as meet tight deadlines for shipping product.

Denise Hensley

Client Services & Distribution Sales

Denise is one of the first voices our customers hear when they call North Coast Container. Denise works every day with customers to fulfill orders, provide quotes and answer questions. She also acts as a primary line of communication between the customer and our Quality, Safety and Logistics teams. She joined North Coast Container in 2010 and brought with her more than 20 years of customer service experience. As an advocate for customers, it’s Denise’s role to ensure the ordering process is smooth and efficient.