Our Products

North Coast Container is proud to offer a variety of 55 Gallons Steel Drums that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. Through our process, we work with you to specify the charteristics required to safely transport your product. We also highlight some of our capabilities with these unique products:

Rigid Drum Covers

Drum Covers
Shield your drum’s contents from contamination with NCC’s new rigid drum covers. Our new secure fitting drum covers mitigate the risk by blocking out contmination in harsh environments.
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Reinforced Chime Drums

Chime Bands
Product expansion inside a sealed drum caused by external heat requires special reinforcement to prevent the drum from what can be described as bulging, crowning, or bloating. By applying an additional 12 gauge ring on the top and bottom rolled seam of the drum (the chime), we increase the drums capacity to resist deformation and leaking due to expansion of materials and also protects the seal from damage during loading, shipping, or movement in your facility if the bottom chime hits a sharp or blunt object.
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